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Norman Booler is a weird kid, a loner. So, why is everyone after him?


All Norman wants is to be normal. When he predicts the winning numbers to a field of greyhound races, his life changed forever. To make a weird situation even weirder he is stalked by a strange man only Norman can see.

Norman Booler lives in an inner-city suburb of Sydney, Australia. Little by little he comes to realize the power he has upon wearing an ancient tang of metal, a blade hung around his neck on a bootlace. On the other side of the globe, historian Matthew Hertford is chosen to prove the existence of a religious relic believed to grant unworldly power. Hertford discovered in his research, “Only a chosen few can hold the Zosimos Siraj.”

A priest from the Vatican, an outlaw motorcycle gang, and a rich and ruthless society also want the legendary artefact—furious scrimmages to locate the object go from London to Rome to Paris, and finally to Australia. Norman is in danger, worse yet, he drags his two friends into a bad situation. Can the teenager save them in a bloody confrontation in his hometown?


“Overall, it’s a quirky, interesting story about a boy who has visions and how he attempts to deal with them while trying to stay normal and evade the bad people.” J. A.

“All in all, this is a short, easy read with several redeeming moments.” Jen C.

“…the book is a thrilling, yet fun and easy read.” Rev. W.

“It keeps you guessing and on your toes about what’s going to happen next.” P. R.

“Time Waits” by AJ Henry is a well-written narrative that will not disappoint. J. H.

“The writing is very imaginative and keeps you interested.” K. D.

“…filled with excitement and intrigue, I doubt anyone could get bored reading this guy.” C. L.



His partner of eleven years is abducted.
Pictures of her wearing a doll mask are sent from her phone.
When ex-police officer Nathan Cribbing finds a booby trap doll that almost blows his head off, he knew his past is coming for him.

Meanwhile, former colleague Lisa MacNamara, in her desire to help him, rekindles longings she thought were buried in the past.

Time is running out for Cribbing to save his girlfriend before it’s too late.
Or will a cruel twist change everything?

Follow this intriguing police drama to its thrilling end.



“…a substantial piece of work, quite an achievement.”

He thought he left fear behind in Northern Iraq. He also figured he would never again fire a gun in anger. An apartment block besieged by an unknown gunman in the city of Melbourne put an end to all that. Officer Nathan Cribbing confronts terror unimaginable. A gritty police drama where facts are not what they seem.










Curious people are interesting people. I wonder why that is? Bill Maher

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